A Better, Friendlier Wax Service.

I offer a wide range of wax hair removal, body wax and beauty services. From brazilian wax to full body, bikini to arms, come experience a more enjoyable way to wax. I use a special, high quality product that is a low temperature, strip-less hard wax designed for sensitive skin. Leave your appointment feeling less irritated, comfortable, and smooth. Serving Allen, TX, Collin and Dallas County areas.


You’ve probably heard the of the big name wax hair removal salons in the Metroplex. To the big salons, your appointment is unfortunately just a statistic. I pride myself on maintaing a meticulously caring and friendly relationship with my client base. Since this isn’t Europe, and you’re not just another number, I happily invite you to get the customer treatment and wax service you deserve from an independent professional who cares deeply about YOU.


Hours by appointment only, 7 days a week. All services available at any time. See this blog post FAQ if you have any questions or concerns about your wax hair removal or lash extension service.


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Body Waxing / Lash Extension Prices:




Whether it’s your first time or you’re a vet, I offer women’s services at a great rates across the board.¬†Women: if you’re here already, you might already know the value of body waxing. If it’s your first time, no worries! I’ll take care of you.       Call or text 214-592-5698 today to get…


Yes: men come in for body waxing too! There’s no shame in being smooth, or getting rid of generally unwanted body hair. The best part is the low cost treatment that won’t kill your bank account either, guys. Sorry, I don’t offer male brazilian waxing.     Call or text 214-592-5698 today to book your…

Lash Extensions

Competitive pricing on eyelash extensions at the Wax Boutique. Get that vixen look at a price that won’t hurt your feelings. I offer full sets and shorter treatments.   Call or text 214-592-5698 today to schedule an appointment to get those lashes lookin’ and feelin’ great.